Best Electric Blanket of 2022 – GearLab
Best Electric Blanket of 2022 – GearLab

Best Overall Electric Blanket


Bedsure Electric Blanket

Bedsure Electric Blanket
Editors' Choice Award
  • Temperature Range9.0
  • Comfort9.0
  • Controls10.0
  • Wires9.0
  • Color Options7.0
Size Options: 50" x 60" and 62" x 84" | Auto-Off Timer: 1-8 Hours
Intuitive digital controller Reversible microfleece and sherpa fleece Corduroy design of surface fabric hides the heating cords
Temperature displayed doesn't match measured temperature Blanket's plug lacks a locking mechanism to secure the cord
As the temperature outside starts dropping, it's time to prepare for cozy nights and hard to get out of bed mornings. What better way to snuggle up than with the winner of our electric blankets review, the Bedsure Electric Blanket. It has sherpa fleece on one side and silky flannel on the other giving both your skin and hands a comfortable experience. The striped texture of the surface fabric does an excellent job of hiding the heating elements from being noticeable. Its controller uses an LED screen that shows the user the temperature of the blanket and the time remaining on the auto-off timer. The controller is easy to navigate and easy to see in the sunlight or the dark due to its backlight display. This blanket performed very well during our temperature test having even heating with a wide range of experienced temperatures from 73˚to 90˚ on the low to high settings. If we could only pick one, this is our choice. While we like many features of this model, here are some minor drawbacks that we noticed. Unlike some other models, the plug on the blanket does not have a locking mechanism to secure the power cord to the blanket. We didn't notice the cord ever falling out, but could see it happening if the blanket is accidentally tugged away from the power source or if the cord is tripped over. And while this isn't a weighted blanket review, we do like for the blankets to have a bit of weight to them, and this blanket could have more heft to it.
best overall electric blanket
A close look at the Bedsure's digital remote and soft blanket texture.Credit: Bennett Fisher

Best Bang for the Buck


Serta Super Soft Heated

Serta Super Soft Heated
Best Buy Award
  • Temperature Range8.0
  • Comfort9.0
  • Controls7.0
  • Wires8.0
  • Color Options10.0
Size Options: 50" x 60" | Auto-Off Timer: 4 Hours
Reversible microfleece and sherpa fleece Easy to use controller Available in several color options
Can't change the auto-off timer Smaller than other models
With soft sherpa on one side and micro plush fleece on the other, the Serta Super Soft Heated electric blanket is our favorite choice for relaxing at the end of the day or making the morning a little more bearable. With the reversible sides, this blanket is cozy, and the heating wires are not easy to notice when snuggled up underneath it. The controller for this blanket is simple with a simple on/off button and a heat setting button that moves an LED light to easily see what number it is set to. There are a few things the Serta is lacking, like the ability to adjust the Auto-off timer. It also has only five heat settings instead of the 10 that most other models on the review have, which limits the user to larger increments in temperature settings.
electric blanket - best bang for the buck
Using the Serta Super Soft Heated to keep warm on a chilly morning in the home office.Credit: Bennett Fisher

Great Value for a Thinner Blanket


Woomer Electric Heated Throw

Woomer Electric Heated Throw
Best Buy Award
  • Temperature Range9.0
  • Comfort8.0
  • Controls7.0
  • Wires6.0
  • Color Options9.0
Size Options: Throw, Twin, Full, Queen, King | Auto-off Timer: 4 Hours
Even heating throughout blanket Very soft material Thinner than the rest
Cannot adjust auto-off timer Arrived with stained controller and cord from the red dye in blanket
The Woomer Electric Heated Throw is a great middle layer to go in between you and your comforter in bed. It is soft and thin, allowing it to fit under the comforter on your bed without adding any bulk, and the 4-hour auto-off timer means no rolling over half awake to make sure it's off. It can also make a great addition to your couch for those cold movie nights. It has a wide temperature range of 74˚ to 90˚ with even heating experienced throughout the blanket. The controller has only one button with four lights indicating heat intensity. Things to note include that the dye from the blanket stained the controller and cord, so it will potentially stain other clothes if thrown in the wash together. The controller does not have a way to adjust the auto-off timer, so you either have to turn it off yourself or wait it out. There is also no indicator to see how much time is left on the timer.
electric blanket - great value for a thinner blanket
The red flannel Woomer Electric Heated Throw blanket with its easy-to-use remote.Credit: Bennett Fisher

Best Nightstand Controller


Degrees of Comfort Full Size Electric Blanket

Degrees of Comfort Full Size Electric Blanket
Top Pick Award
  • Temperature Range7.0
  • Comfort7.0
  • Controls9.0
  • Wires6.0
  • Color Options8.0
Size Options: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen | Auto-off Timer: 1-10 Hours
Easy to navigate controller Ability to adjust auto-off timer Wide range of temperature settings
Heating wires are noticeable Maximum temperature is lower than others
The Degrees of Comfort electric blanket is the most evenly heated blanket in the review. During our temperature test, it experienced the least variation in temperatures throughout the blanket on each setting, meaning that your entire body will be warm with no cool or hot spots. Along with evenly heating, this blanket has an easy-to-use controller that includes a 1-20 heating range, a preheat setting, and a 1-10 hour adjustable auto-off timer. This wide range of customization allows for each user to dial in the blanket to meet their needs. The shape of the controller is nice, too, allowing the user to set it on an end table or nightstand. Two things set this blanket back, the heating wires and the maximum temperature. While the fabric itself is comfortable, the wires that run throughout the blanket are noticeable and can take away from the experience. Then we have the temperature range, which maxed out at 84˚ and is what most blankets experience on the medium setting. It was consistently heated evenly on each setting, though it just didn't heat up enough to reach that of the others.
electric blanket - best nightstand controller
A close-up look at the Degrees of Comfort's well-made controller.Credit: Bennett Fisher

Warmest Heated Blanket


Sunbeam Fleece Heated Blanket

Sunbeam Fleece Heated Blanket
Top Pick Award
  • Temperature Range6.0
  • Comfort6.0
  • Controls7.0
  • Wires6.0
  • Color Options9.0
Size Options: 50" x 60" | Auto-off Timer: 10 Hours
Impressive heating capabilities Large sizes have dual controllers Easy to use controller
Not as soft as others on the list Can feel cords more in blanket
The Sunbeam Heated Quilted electric blanket has a straightforward dial control and a cord that has a locking feature, so when it's plugged into the blanket, the cord won't fall out. This blanket's temperature is warmer than others on the list with even its low temperature being high at 83˚ with its high temperature at an impressive 94˚. While this blanket has a simple design and impressive heating capabilities, it doesn't feel as soft as others and feels more like an old army blanket, stiff and wiry. It also doesn't heat very evenly throughout the blanket, with up to a 10˚ measured temperature difference at different locations. However, it is the only classic fleece blanket in the lineup that produces hot temperatures, so if you are looking for a hot blanket that isn't as fuzzy and plush, this one will do the trick.
electric blanket - here is the easy-to-use controller of the sunbeam heated quilted...
Here is the easy-to-use controller of the Sunbeam Heated Quilted blanket.Credit: Bennett Fisher

Compare Products

relaxing under the sunbeam heated quilted blanket with no worries of...
Relaxing under the Sunbeam Heated Quilted blanket with no worries of the cord ripping out due to the plug's locking mechanism.Credit: Bennett Fisher

Why You Should Trust Us

Our lead tester Bennett Fisher is a product developer focused on human-centered design, and evaluates each product the way the user would, implementing ideas expressed in the book The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman. His primary focus is outdoor products, specializing in sun shirts and backpacking gear, but has worked with composites and household items. He has spent the past three years developing products, sourcing fabrics, and checking the quality of samples from manufacturers. This helps him create a strict testing plan and determine if a product is worth a top spot on our list. We sorted through the top-rated electric blankets available online, purchased the top nine options, and put them to the test to help you decide which blanket best fits your requirements. We created an extensive testing plan and graded each blanket on how well they executed each task. An electric blanket's main job is to keep you warmer than a traditional blanket, so our first test was to see how well the blankets heated up and how well they scaled to their highest temperature setting. Then we tested for comfort by having our team look at the softness of the fabric, how easy it is to feel the heating wires, and how thick the blanket is. Next, we assessed how easy it is to use the blankets' controls. We checked to see how many buttons needed to be pressed to accomplish a task and how the control fit in our hands. Finally, we looked at colors available for each blanket so that you can find one to best match your home.
We like leaving a heated blanket on the office chair so it can be...
We like leaving a heated blanket on the office chair so it can be nice and warm in the morning.
Here is the easy to use controller of the Sunbeam Heated Quilted...
Here is the easy to use controller of the Sunbeam Heated Quilted blanket.
All the controllers lined up side by side.
All the controllers lined up side by side.

Analysis and Test Results

We made a list of the most redeeming qualities of an electric blanket and formulated a testing plan to rank each one on our list based on these metrics: heating, comfort, controls, washability, and color options. The top-scoring models have the best balance of these qualities.  


Many of the models in the review share features and are rather close in materials and comfort, but not all are priced the same. The models that stuck out to us are well made, have a valuable controller, and feel softer than the rest. The Bedsure Electric Blanket impressed us the most in the review, winning most categories while still coming in at a reasonable price point for a large blanket as well as the common 50-inch by 60-inch throw size seen in the review. Other models with great performance and solid value are the Serta Super Soft and the Woomer Electric Heated Throw.

Temperature Range

The purpose of electric blankets is to knock the cold out of your bed or keep you nice and toasty while watching TV, and we wanted to see how well each blanket did at heating up at each temperature setting. We laid each blanket out flat for this test and turned it to a third of its max temperature. After thirty minutes of warming up, we used an infrared thermometer to test five points on each blanket; the middle and each of the four corners. Then we used the numbers to get the standard deviation and the average temperature of the blanket for each temperature setting. We used setting 3, 6, and then 10/High for our controller settings. We used the standard deviation to determine even heating of the blanket. The blankets with the widest temperature range and the most even heating are the Bedsure and the Woomer Electric Heated Throw. The Bedsure has a temperature range of 73˚, 85˚, and 90˚ along with a standard deviation of 2.2˚. The Woomer Electric Heated Throw did well with a temperature range of 74.5˚, 84˚, and 90˚ along with a standard deviation of 2.2˚. The Degrees of Comfort blanket had the lowest standard deviation at 1.7˚ but was lacking in maximum temperature, capping at around 85˚.
electric blanket - using a thermal gun to check the temperature of the serta super soft...
Using a thermal gun to check the temperature of the Serta Super Soft Heated blanket.Credit: Bennett Fisher
The warmest blanket with the highest temperature capabilities is the Sunbeam Fleece Heated Blanket with a low average temperature of 83˚, a medium temperature of 86˚, and a high average temperature of 94˚.


One of the most important aspects of a blanket is how it feels against your skin and how it makes you feel cozy and comfortable. To rate each electric blanket's comfort, we looked at how easy it is to feel the heating elements, how soft the fabric is, and how thick the blanket is. This metric's winners are the Bedsure and the Serta Super Soft Heated. Both of these blankets have a nice soft microfleece on one side and a cozy sherpa fleece on the other. Having two side options adds a nice weight and conceals the heating cords, making them cozy with or without being heated.
electric blanket - each blanket was compared directly to the others to find the most...
Each blanket was compared directly to the others to find the most comfortable model.Credit: Bennett Fisher


The ability to pick up the controller and easily understand how to make the blanket warmer or change the auto-off time is essential. We took our first impressions and measured the time it took us to thoroughly understand the display to compare these controls. Less is more in this metric, and we liked the most simple and straightforward controllers to select the temperature setting and start heating easily. The more buttons it took to complete a task, the fewer points awarded. We also considered intended use, handheld or on a stand, and how smooth it felt to use. For the bed-sized blankets, the Bedsure — with its customizable temperature and timer using an easy-to-read screen — and the Degrees of Comfort — with a preheat setting, a wide range of temperate options, and an adjustable auto-off timer — were both easy to use right out of the box. The Degrees of Comfort stands well and is usable one-handed when placed on your nightstand.
electric blanket - here are the two top-rated controllers by bedsure and degrees of...
Here are the two top-rated controllers by Bedsure and Degrees of Comfort.Credit: Bennett Fisher
The smaller throw blankets meant for couch use with the best controllers are the Sunbeam Heated Quilted with an on/off button and a dial, and the Serta Super Soft Heated that has an on/off button and a heat setting button that moves an LED indicator around from 1 to 5.


The ideal electric blanket has more warmth than a normal blanket with the same amount of perceived comfort. While all of the blankets in this review have wires running throughout them to distribute heat, there were a few that were more concealed than others. The electric blankets with the least noticeable wires are the Bedsure and the Perfect Fit SoftHeat. The Bedsure has a face fabric texture like a large corduroy that does a good job of hiding the feeling of the wires inside. Even though the Perfect Fit SoftHeat lives up to its name a little too well, producing an almost unnoticeable amount of heat, its heating wires are virtually invisible and can only be felt if you are searching for them.
we checked each blanket for wires to discover which felt the most...
We checked each blanket for wires to discover which felt the most like a normal blanket. Here the texture of the Bedsure electric blanket did a great job of concealing the heating wires.Credit: Bennett Fisher

Color Options

Whether it's your bedroom, sitting room, office, or living room, you have already chosen some color palette for the room. We like having the option to have our blankets and accessories match a room. Models with a wider variety of color and style options score well in this metric. Here are the models in this lineup with five or more color options; the Beautyrest Zuri, the Serta Super Soft Heated, the Woomer Electric Heated Throw, and the Sunbeam Heated Quilted.
this beautyrest model comes in several different color options to...
This Beautyrest model comes in several different color options to match your home.Credit: Bennett Fisher


After sifting through all of the electric blankets available online, we purchased, tested, and graded the top nine models. Our team spent weeks using and testing these electric blankets to find which is the best. This list shows the top blankets that have the best combination of heating, comfort, control, washing, and colors. We did this to make your shopping experience a little easier and to help you stay warm and comfortable this winter.

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